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Blogging in the Workplace

Our company recently acquired CAB as a partner. We are currently teaming up people from both companies who work in the same areas of expertise, encouraging them to share info, and discuss clients and projects together.

A colleague of mine, whom I introduced to blogging recently, has now suggested to give these intercompany-teams a blog to jot their references and thoughts down. Hopefully we'll see this idea through to implementation in the coming weeks.

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Thinking Tools

Everybody I guess sometimes ponders questions like "what is it I want to do?", "where do I want to stand in five years?", "what exactly are my capabilities and will I be able to use them in the next project?". This is especially so in an environment where what you actually do is quite abstract, and the competences you bring into the project probably even more so. Anyway, as I see me employing myself some time these are the kind of questions to answer to decide what this self-employed me should bring to the market. Yesterday I met for lunch with my former employer, with whom I keep in regular contact, and it turned out that between us we know a lot more people that want to answer the same questions from their respective professional perspectives.

This leads me to the idea to spent a few sessions with these people to play around with these questions using a handful of philosophical thinking schemes. I have tried this a few times before and it always yielded answers and new questions I hadn't thought of before. With thinking schemes like deconstruction, transcendentalism, phenomenology, dialectics and hermeneutics we might get a foot in the door of these questions. A book in Dutch on this was written by Paul Wouters, director of the International School of Philosophy in Leusden, ISVW.

Thinking tools by Paul Wouters

Later this month I will give our junior researchers a course in these thinking methods, to boost their competences in assessing the research questions put to us by customers.

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CEN/ISSS Good Practice Guide to KM

Last Thursday I spent a great day in Brussels contributing to a project that will produce a good practice guide to KM for SME's. This takes place under the flag of CEN/ISSS.

There are five items in the guide, that is due to appear in Octobre:
  • Terminology
  • Frameworks
  • Measurement
  • Implementation in SME's
  • Culture

    I have taken up interest in the items on measurement, implementation and culture. The breakout session on culture was a lot of fun, thanks Neill and Manon. The next meetings will be held in May and Octobre, which I will certainly attend.

    Why not join this project yourself? Especially if you work in a small to medium sized company, run or own one, this is your chance to help set the pace and direction of KM in 25 European countries. You're welcome to contribute.

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